6 Most Bizarre But Effective Treatments For Infant Colic

Most Bizarre But Effective Treatments For Infant Colic

Colic is by no means a modern problem and over the years, parents have had to deal with restless and irritated infants that cry for what seems to be all night. This subsequently deprives parents of a peaceful night’s sleep. The most bizarre But effective treatments for infant colic prove that people have been trying to find treatment for their baby’s colic.

Consequently, it has left many parents in distress and feeling deeply frustrated as they wonder what could be wrong with their baby and what they could do to stop them from crying.

This has caused parents to try some very bizarre and sometimes dangerous methods for the treatment of colic. Let’s find out more!

The 6 Most Bizarre But Effective Treatments For Infant Colic

1. Catnip Tea

Catnip has been used for many years as a way to soothe nerves. Mothers have also used this herb on their infants to help them relax and fall asleep.

To make catnip tea for your infant, take half a cup of boiling water, and in it add half a tablespoon of catnip. You can let the mixture sit for approximately 20 minutes.

Next, take a tablespoon of the mixture and add it to your baby’s bottle. Finally, add Lukewarm water and give this to the baby.

2. E.V.O.O

Pure extra virgin olive oil has also been suggested by some parents. It’s been said that Olive Oil helps babies get relief from colic and that in as little as 15 minutes you would be able to hear the sweet sounds of silence. It is not advisable to give olive oil to babies until they are 6 months old.

3. Onion Water

Mothers have sworn on the effectiveness of giving onion water to a colicky baby. Simply cut an onion in half and place it in boiling water.

Let it boil for 5 minutes then leave the onion water to cool down. Next, take a teaspoon and add it to the bottle. Mix with Luke warm water and give this mixture to the baby.

One of the major benefits of onion water is that it helps calm an upset tummy. So if your baby has been inconsolable and is crying continuously due to issues with the tummy, then onion water can help soothe the tummy allowing the baby to calm down and go to bed.

4. Grape Jelly

Okay, so you are probably thinking peanut butter and jelly sandwich But we\’re not talking about that. Did you know that grape jelly has been used to treat colicky babies? Some mothers will put grape jelly on their baby’s pacifier to help relieve an upset stomach and help the baby to calm down.

That said, it is important to point out that some babies will react differently to grape jelly than others. Some in fact may have stomach issues that could worsen their colic.

5. Dill Water

Dill has been used for many years to treat an upset stomach and issues such as bloating and gas. It makes sense therefore that mothers have been using dill water on their colicky babies to help calm them down.

There are two main ways used by mothers to make dill water for their infants.

Firstly, they take dill seeds and crush them to get an extract, which they can then add to water and give to the baby.

The second method involves boiling dill weed in water and then adding a tablespoon to the baby’s bottle, then adding water.

6. Gripe Water

Gripe water is also used even in modern times to treat colicky babies. Baking soda, herbs, and water are what Gripe water is made of.

The most common herbs used in gripe water include chamomile, fennel, ginger, and lemon balm.

The herbs are effective against stomach upsets, so if your baby is colicky due to issues with their tummy, gripe water can help soothe the baby.

In earlier years mothers believed gripe water to be highly effective for a colicky baby. This was probably because gripe water was used to contain alcohol.

That said, today’s gripe water doesn’t have alcohol but the herbs can be highly effective against stomach upsets.

If you plan on using gripe water, it is best to talk to your pediatrician and ensure that he gives you the go-ahead.

How To Deal with Colic

Most Bizarre But Effective Treatments For Infant Colic
Most Bizarre But Effective Treatments For Infant Colic

Having a colicky baby can be very stressful for any parent. Some babies have colic for a few weeks, while other babies may have it for a month or two. But the important thing to remember is that Your baby will eventually be Colic-free.

In managing your baby’s colic, be patient and practice self-care. As you read about the most bizarre, but effective treatments for infant colic, be cautious of what you give your baby.

Have your partner help when the baby can not be consoled and know that it’s nothing you did, it will all get better with time.

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When to Seek Medical Attention

The following symptoms indicate that you should seek medical treatment right away:

  • Cries continuously, loudly, or weakly
  • The baby seems floppy when picked up
  • Baby not eating
  • Throwing up green fluid
  • Passing blood in their poop
  • A fever of 100.4 °F or more (if they are less than three months old) or 102 °F or more (if they are three to six months old)
  • Seizures occur


An infant with colic can be very difficult for a family, especially for the primary caretaker, who has to care for the baby most of the time.

If your partner is the primary caregiver, it can be very tiring to spend all day with an inconsolable baby. If you are at home, make sure she gets some time to rest.

How Dads Can Help:

  • Let your partner have a few quiet moments by taking your baby for a walk, even if she is crying.
  • Sit and cuddle with your baby while your partner sleeps in another room with earplugs. Providing the opportunity for your partner to re-energize may be necessary if she is exhausted.
  • Instead of relying solely on your partner during this stage, support your baby. A fussy baby can be very exhausting and so your partner will appreciate the help.
  • You shouldn’t always take the easy way out. It doesn’t mean that you should automatically give the baby to mom every time they cry just because you know that putting the baby on the breast might help break up the crying spell.
  • Try wearing your baby in a sling. The warmth of your body, your heartbeat, the rise and fall of your breathing, and the gentle motion of your walking may help your baby calm down and hopefully fall asleep.

It can be very stressful for the mom, especially if she is the main caregiver during the day, and it can make her feel as though she is taking on all responsibility, which can be tiring emotionally.

Final thoughts

You should always consult your doctor before using any method to treat your baby’s colic. Even though the colic phase can be stressful, it will pass. Some mothers swear by the effectiveness of the Most Bizarre but Effective Treatments for Infant Colic, but it is important to consult your pediatrician first. Modern medicine disapproves of some methods because they are harmful to infants.

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