The 9 Ultimate Side Hustles for Busy Moms

Side hustles for busy moms

Trying to find side hustles for busy moms? It does not matter if you are a full-time employee or a stay-at-home mom, the fact that you are a mom means you’re busy. 

Moreover, it is hard to find a part-time job or side job that won’t interfere with your family life, since as moms, our primary goal is to ensure healthy and happy children. This list of jobs may be useful to you if you wish to boost your family’s income by getting a job that fits easily into your busy mom’s schedule.

Here are some part-time side hustles that will not take up a lot of time.

Side Hustles for Busy Moms

1.   Reselling

Selling secondhand clothing online.

This is a great side hustle because almost anyone can do this Side Hustle, and the good thing about this one is you can test the waters by simply listing gently used clothes that your family no longer wears.

Find gently used clothes that are still in good condition, and list them. In order to sell second-hand clothes, you can use several platforms. Each platform has specific rules, but you can pick one that suits your needs. There’s a great platform called Zzabs Marketplace App that lets you sell 2 items for free each month, making it a great platform to make extra cash from.

Expected Pay:

  •       This largely depends on your consistency
  •        When you sell on Zzabs, you get two commission-free sales per month and pay a 12% commission on all other sales.

How to get started:

  • Take pictures of the clothes or items you want to sell with your phone, list them, give a short description, and you are done.
  • If you’re new to listing clothes, try it with clothing from your own closet and build from there.

2. Take Surveys Online

Even though you won’t reach financial independence overnight, completing surveys for money could give you a small financial boost when you need it, and it is a great way for a working mom to make money online.

There are many companies looking for people to complete surveys for them, all you have to do is sign up and participate at your own convenience.

 Expected Pay:       

  • Usually, you will be paid in the form of points, which you can exchange for cash, or you may be paid in the form of gift cards

Getting started

  •         Signing up is usually free online
  •         Read the rules
  •        Take the Survey

3. Participate in Research Studies

One of the best ways to make money on the side is by providing companies with reviews or information about their products that they can use to improve their business. Alternatively, you might be helping scientists or researchers collect information about diseases or human behavior.

Expected Pay:

  • The type of research and length of the research will determine this. Payment are usually by cash, gift cards, or vouchers, depending on the vendor.

How to get started:

  •  Find one that if you qualify and register for free
  •  Read the instructions and start the research

4. Airbnb

Earning money this way is easy and convenient. This is a perfect side hustle if you have the funds, you can buy a house just to make it into an Airbnb. This is particularly profitable if the house is in a tourist area. If a whole house is not feasible, you can have a room (in your house) for rent. If you do your own cleaning, yard work, and general upkeep of the property, you can save money on the cleaning and maintenance fees.

Be aware of municipal laws regarding leases, expectations of neighbors, and other issues before planning to list your accommodation on Airbnb.

Expected Pay:

Getting started

  •         Prepare the place you want to rent out, the room or the house
  •          Create an account on Airbnb or other sites offering the same
  •         Post your property and wait for guests to contact you

5. Clean Houses

Starting this business is very inexpensive. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose how much or how little time you want to dedicate to it.

Starting a cleaning business requires minimal start-up costs. As a cleaning business owner, you don’t need to rent or purchase premises, buy a company vehicle or pay for utilities.

Expected Pay:

  • The average hourly rate for a residential cleaning business is between $25 and $40 per hour. Once you have booked several clients and begun to fill your cleaning schedule, this hourly rate will add up quickly.

How to get started

·        Come up with Your Cleaning Company Name

·        Research on the Legal Requirements

·        Figure out the Insurance

·        Get all the Cleaning Supplies

·       Decide on the Types of Services Will You Offer

·       Determine How/What to Charge for Your Services

·        How to Market Your Cleaning Business

6.   Bake Goodies to Sell

Whether you have a special recipe everyone drools over or you want to look up recipes and make some goodies to sell, listing your baked goods on Facebook Market Place and seeing if people will buy them would be a great place to start. This can be done at your convenience without taking time away from your family, making it a great work-from-home job.

If you want to sell food items baked from home, you need to learn your state’s law regarding the sale of such food.

Expected Pay:

  • You can work 20 hours per week and earn between $300 and $600 a month
  •  If you bake wedding cakes regularly, you can expect to make between $800 and $1,200.

How to get started:

  • Decide what you want to bake.
  • Make a decision on how you would like to distribute your baked goods.

Here are a few ideas;

  • Selling from your home, where a customer comes to pick up an order
  • Farmers’ markets
  • Community events
  • Taking orders directly from the customer
  • CSA Boxes

7.   Become a Tutor

Math tutoring or teaching English are only two options of the many options out there, you can tutor any subject you specialize in. You can do this in person or online. This site allows you to create an account and let students find you. You have control over your schedule and can earn money while taking care of your family.

Expected Pay:

  • You can earn up to $26/hour and more if you become a Top Tutor

 How to Get started:

  • It is possible to advertise in grocery stores close to a school or college, or you can use tutoring websites where students can contact you.

8.   Open a Daycare at Your Home

This is an excellent way for a mom to make money on the side while still being able to take care of her children, not to mention that the several requirements to opening a daycare are all achievable.

Expected Pay:

  • Average salaries for in-home childcare workers were ​$28,273​ in 2021

How to get started:

  • To build a successful business plan, you must understand your customers and find out if there is a need for daycare in your area.  The Plan will include;

•             Requirements and financial planning

•             Legal structure

•             Orientation, training, and application

•             Insurance

•             Inspection

•             Getting started

9. Proofreading

For Moms who want to earn some extra money, this is a fantastic side job, since you can proofread from anywhere.

It’s one of the best ways to earn money while spending time with the family. Many online proofreaders can even set their own hours and work according to their schedules.

It is essential that an online proofreader or any proofreader has a love of reading. The goal should be to acquire knowledge in a broad range of subjects, as well as to enjoy reading various types of writing.

Expected Pay: 

  • The amount of money a proofreader makes depends on how fast they work per hour.
  •  Earn between $25 and $50 per hour.
  • A proofreader who works online earns a median salary of $52,202 per year, according to

How to get started:

Other Side Hustle Ideas for Moms to Try

  • Freelance Writing
  • Start a Youtube channel
  • Social media management
  • Start a blog

Final Thought

Having a work-from-home job while caring for your family is the dream of most moms.

While there are many side jobs to choose from, it is important to look into what each job demands and choose the one that will allow you to create your own schedule and/or work independently.

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