The 12 Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

The 12 Ways to Induce Labor Naturally

Be aware that it is still possible the baby may not come even if you follow all the twelve tips. This is because the baby is in charge here. Many women have used these 12 ways to induce labor naturally and have been successful. You should keep in mind that if the baby is not ready yet, he or she will stay inside.

You should always consult with your healthcare provider whenever you are doing anything during pregnancy.

Several urban legends exist about natural remedies. Some methods are harmless, and others can have harmful side effects, for this reason, before doing any of these things to try and induce your labor you want to make sure your healthcare provider gives you, their approval.

Here are some ways to induce labor naturally;

1.     Sexual Intercourse

Due to the stimulation of your pituitary gland, you will be able to release oxytocin through sexual activity.

This hormone helps your cervix soften and helps uterine contractions begin by helping it get soft. Sexual activity, particularly when the woman reaches orgasm, helps kickstart labor naturally.

An orgasm may trigger uterine contractions that start labor since it is like a small feel-good contraction.

Semen ejaculated by men contains tons of prostaglandins, so they are a significant source of prostaglandins for women. To prepare the cervix for birth, prostaglandins help ripen and prepare it for dilation.

2.     Nipple Stimulation

The pituitary gland releases Oxytocin when you stimulate your nipples. A labor hormone called oxytocin softens and helps maintain uterine contractions during labor. Furthermore, Oxytocin allows the uterine contractions to become stronger to eventually push the baby out.

Dilated women will have better results with nipple stimulation.

You can massage your nipples manually with your fingers or have your partner assist you by rubbing or massaging the dark part around your nipples (areola). Also, breast pumps can stimulate nipples. Focus on one breast at a time. You may switch to the next breast after 5 minutes.

3.     Eliminating Fear

A calm and relaxed state of mind is most conducive to successful labor.

We can sometimes be held back by our fears when it comes to being able to start labor

In times of anxiety or fear, your body tends to hold a lot of tension. The result will be that your body won’t become soft and the baby won’t be able to emerge through it.

A key note to make is that anxiety and fear release hormones that destroy Oxytocin, the natural labor hormone. You will find it difficult to go into labor if you are fearful and anxious about childbirth.

Fear causes labor to be painful. When you clear your fears during labor and childbirth, you will be able to start the natural induction process.

Learning how to clear fear will be very beneficial during labor and childbirth and you will be able to start that natural induction for labor.

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4.     Gentle Exercise

Exercise is an excellent way to prepare yourself and your baby for labor.

Moving around and exercising as your pregnancy progresses can become more difficult. In contrast, if you spend all day on the couch, your baby will be doing the same.

It is unlikely that your baby will come out if you are not active and moving.

The baby will move along more quickly if you exercise and move around. Maintaining your fitness while pregnant can be achieved by walking. The benefits of walking for your body are incredible. It’s a very easy exercise, but it’s a very good one. By walking, you will put pressure on your cervix and the baby will be able to come down into the pelvis. 

A hike or a swim might also be a worthwhile idea. When it’s not possible to go outside, you can go to a store and walk around inside, find a place where there are stairs and go up and down a few times, or go to a gym and walk on an indoor track.

5.     Essential Oils

As with anything you use or do while pregnant, please consult your healthcare provider before beginning. When using essential oils, make sure to use therapeutic-grade oils, which are the purest and highest quality. Rosemary and Clary Sage are two essential oils that are effective in inducing labor. In addition, they can be used during labor to maintain a steady flow of contractions.

Rosemary and Clary Sage can be used on flannel or cotton cloth to start labor naturally. Mix several drops of Clary Sage with several drops of Rosemary. The cloth can also be placed under your pillow at night or inhaled throughout the day. The oils can also be diffused throughout the day.

6.     Birthing Ball

The birthing ball is an exercise ball that could help you induce labor. You can use it as a way to help naturally induce labor because it opens up your pelvis.

Your cervix will be placed in a favorable position, allowing the baby to exert good pressure.

Labor can be accelerated with the help of a birth ball. In addition to being comfortable, this stretch is a great way to end your pregnancy and it is incredibly comforting.

If you sit on it, you can sway your hips or rock them in a circular motion. A circular motion can also be achieved by rolling your hips. You should make sure that your legs are pointed outward.

The space between your legs will be increased, allowing the baby to be engaged in your pelvis.

7.     Practice Hypnobirthing

It is common for people to experience hypnosis daily. This is similar to when you are in the flow of doing something you are comfortable with.

For instance, taking the same route to a certain location every day. As soon as you have mastered something from start to finish, your body is relaxed while doing it.

The state of hypnosis is one of deep relaxation. A hypnobirthing session uses visualization and meditation to enhance relaxation.

Getting familiar with the steps of labor will help you relax as you will know what’s happening to you.

8.     Castor Oil

There has not been a lot of research done on the use of castor oil to induce labor, but castor oil has been said to help women induce labor naturally. Women who use castor oil to help induce labor are 57% more likely to go into labor within 24 hours after taking castor oil.

What Castro oil does is it causes the muscles in your intestines and your uterus to contract. Be aware that these contractions may make you feel nauseous or have diarrhea. Remember to consult your healthcare provider before using castor oil.

Take a tablespoon of castor oil and wait 24 hours to see how it affects your body. Intake of fluids is very important during this time to compensate for the fluid loss from any vomiting or diarrhea you might have developed from taking castor oil.

9.     Midwives Brew

Midwives brew is an effective way of inducing labor naturally.

To make the brew you will need;

10 OZ of Apricot juice

8 OZ of Lemon Verbena tea

2 TBS of Castor oil

2 TBS Almond butter

You can add some ice if you like, after blending the ingredients until smooth. Serve on an empty stomach. Within 24 hours, labor should begin.

This brew might cause you to have diarrhea, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated to avoid dehydration.

10. Pineapple

People often prescribe pineapple to pregnant women as a folk remedy. During pregnancy, it may help kick-start contractions and loosen up the cervix.

Pineapple contains a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain, which can dissolve proteins in tissues and soften the cervix or encourage it to loosen.

A bromelain-containing enzyme is found in the core of fresh pineapple, which is commonly used to tenderize meat. You can feel your tongue tingling when you eat pineapple or your mouth developing sores when you eat it because this enzyme breaks down proteins in the tissue.

There is no concrete scientific evidence that eating pineapples can induce labor. Whenever you try a natural remedy, you should consult your doctor first.

11. Acupressure

There are some practitioners who believe that acupressure can induce labor. Be sure to seek training from a professional acupressure practitioner before applying acupressure to yourself.

However, acupressure can still be an excellent way to relieve pain and discomfort during labor even if it doesn’t initiate labor.

12. Prenatal Massage

Massage increases the release of oxytocin in your body, which is needed for labor to begin. The most comfortable way to receive a professional prenatal massage is to lay on your side propped up on a pillow. A prenatal massage may help you induce labor.

Final Thought

Overdue pregnancy can be so frustrating, but it’s important to remember due dates aren’t always precise. Your doctor will discuss options with you for moving things along if you are over 42 weeks pregnant. Until then, remember to rest up during these final days because soon you’ll have a new baby to care for.

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