The Mystery Behind Phantom Kicks

Phantom Kicks

Research published in the National Library of Medicine found that 40% of pregnant women experienced phantom kicks. Based on the results of this study, phantom kicks in the postpartum period are a common sensation, which may have implications to a woman’s mental health.

There is no clear explanation for the phantom kick phenomenon, but it could be associated with changes in the somatosensory homunculus-proprioception during pregnancy. The article above reported that some women have experienced phantom kicks 28 years after delivery.

What are Phantom kicks?

The Phantom Kick is the feeling that something is in your stomach, like a fetus, but you are not pregnant. In fact, it is a fairly common occurrence. As with pregnancy, you may experience flutters in your stomach. Women would feel consistent movements in their stomachs

Is It Normal to Have Phantom Baby Kicks?

It is normal after you have delivered a baby or after a miscarriage to feel like you are pregnant but are not pregnant. Gas bubbles or other kinds of abdominal functions such as digestion are very common for moms after they’ve given birth. As a result of women being used to feeling the baby in their stomach for almost nine months, they perceive it as being a baby.

Why You Feel Random Kicks in Your Stomach?

Despite some theories, phantom baby kicks are still a mystery.

As the uterus grows and changes during pregnancy, so do its nerves. As a result of proprioception, the nerves are able to detect the movements of our bodies. Proprioception tells us when the fetus is moving when we are pregnant. After delivery, the nerves around our uteruses may become “confused” and perceive an unnecessary sensation. In her interview with Healthline, Dr. Kecia Gaither reported that fetal movement is perceived by the brain as a result of the continued stimulation of nerve receptors.

One thing to be aware of is that the human body is always moving, as in there’s always something going on inside, whether it’s digesting, growing, etc. When you give birth, your body is even busier as it begins to heal. Perhaps those movements trigger the nerves in a way similar to those experienced by a fetus

Phantom Kicks Are Not the Same AS Phantom Pregnancies

It is imperative to state that feeling phantom baby kicks every so often is not synonymous with pseudocyesis.

There is a possibility that phantom kicks could be mistaken for phantom pregnancies. Phantom pregnancies are different from phantom kicks, which are just feelings of flutters in the belly.

A woman who experiences phantom pregnancy pseudocyesis experiences more than just internal kicking.

As a result, they may experience morning sickness, weight gain, increased appetite, enlarged breasts, and a growing belly. There are physical symptoms associated with these conditions.

It is not common for phantom pregnancies to be related to pregnancy loss, but they may appear after extreme emotional stress. Not all phantom kicks are caused by stress. Speak to your doctor if you believe you may be experiencing pseudocyesis.

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Can you Get Phantom Kicks 1 year Later?

Women have reported feeling phantom kicks years after they gave birth. Because there’s not a lot of research on them, there’s not a lot of information available.

In the event that you feel these phantom baby kicks, do not be alarmed. There is nothing strange going on, and you can even think of them as nice memories from your pregnancy. For your comfort, an ultrasound should show no fetus and therapy may be recommended to ease your mind.

Is it Normal to Feel Phantom Kicks After a Baby Has Left the Womb?

Teeny flutters are common a couple of months or even years after childbirth, so don’t be afraid. Despite the fact that most women report the loss of these movements after having a baby, some women continue to feel them after having a baby.

It’s important to keep in mind that phantom kicks are very normal and have a variety of causes. When in doubt, check in with your healthcare provider and make sure everything is all right.

Final Thought

The feeling of your baby’s kicks during pregnancy is one of the most wonderful things about being pregnant. You won’t find anything like it, and even if you didn’t enjoy being pregnant, you’ll miss it.

The situation is unexpected, confusing, and a tad frightening. However, there is no need to panic. You’ll find several moms discussing this topic as it is more common than you think.

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