When Can You Stop Burping a Baby?

When Can You Stop Burping a Baby?

There is no easy answer as they say that the only real solution is to recognize some telltale signs to help you know when to stop burping your baby.

Burping young babies is essential because their bodies lack the ability to work gas bubbles out of themselves and that is why they should be burped halfway through a meal and then after they’ve finished eating, however, once they get older, their bodies will naturally start to burp on their own after feedings and once this is happening on a regular basis, you can stop burping your baby. Burping has a very important role to play in reducing the chance of colic and other complications for babies.

Generally, between 6 and 8 months after birth, your baby starts to naturally expel gas on their own, which means you no longer have to burp them. However, you will be the one who knows when it’s time to stop burping your baby once they start doing it naturally after most feedings.

Why is Burping a Baby Important?

Burping can help to reduce complications like colic or gas build-up that causes discomfort in babies. It is sometimes too easy for parents to burp their babies for too long. As a general rule of thumb, it is more important to burp your baby frequently rather than for as long as you can.

How To Make Your Baby Burp Easily

If you’re bottle-feeding your baby, pause and burp your baby after she’s had a few ounces and then continue with feeding her the remainder of the milk and burp again when she’s finished. If you breastfeed, do so after you switch your baby from one breast to another and then after the feeding is finished. This may be because burping your baby frequently helps to break up the bubbles and help your baby expel gas more easily.

Age To Stop Burping your Baby

As moms, one of the first things we will do is feed our babies, and we know that at some point we will need to burp them, but knowing when to burp your baby is less regular and parents often rely on the internet to find answers to this question.

There is no real answer to this, since every baby is different, but if your one-year-old is still burping, you need to make an educated guess.

Milestones would be a great way to determine when to stop burping your baby. It would be wise to look at things like your baby’s ability to sit up, or to roll over.

Here are some milestones your baby will reach before he is no longer in need of being burped

  • Sit up 
  • Roll over
  • When you notice that their core is strengthening
  • Being able to be upright

Being able to do these things will help your baby burp on their own.

How Do You Stop Burping Babies?

When Can You Stop Burping a Baby?
When Can You Stop Burping a Baby?

As reported in this article, the Academy of Pediatrics recommends burping your baby every 2 to 3 ounces when bottle feeding. If you are breastfeeding, newborns typically consume 1 to 3 ounces of milk per feed. As soon as you switch breasts or if you notice your child is sucking too fast and swallowing a lot of air, you will want to burp him.

After your baby reaches an age where he does not need to be burped, you will find that you will not have to burp him for more than a minute if he does not burp. It is normal for babies to burp themselves between six and eight months of age, so if you notice that your baby is burping herself before her first birthday, it is safe to stop.

Do Babies Need Burping After Every Feed?

Watching your baby’s face is important, as each baby is different and will give you the best cue as to when he or she needs to be burped. If you notice that the rate at which your baby is sucking either from the bottle or the breast has slowed down quite significantly, use this as a cue from your baby that it is time to burp.

In general, babies will suck 2 to 3 times before swallowing, and then take one breath, that’s typically their rhythm. Sometimes when babies are tired or need to be burped, they will take a few breaths before going back for more milk.

How To Know if a Baby Needs Burping

There are times when babies are tired or need to be burped after they have swallowed the milk, you will notice them needing to take a few breaths before going back for more milk and this could indicate that your baby needs a break or needs to be burped again.

You might also notice a lot of milk leaving the lips before they swallow it or maybe they’re a bit unsettled, so they’ve stopped sucking and the milk is pouring out of their mouth. This is a sign that he or she needs to burp.

Final Thought

There are a number of reasons why your baby might stop feeding at the breast or the bottle. It may be that they took in quite a bit of air while sucking from the bottle or the breast, this is also a sign that he or she needs to be burped.

While there is no definite age at which you should stop burping your baby, you will notice that as your baby grows and his digestive system matures, burping will become less of a necessity. This will most likely happen around 4 to 6 months, when your baby begins eating solid food.

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