When Do You Start Showing Pregnancy?

When do you start showing pregnancy

Most women are excited when they find out they are pregnant, and they want to know when they will start looking pregnant. In addition to being excited about becoming pregnant and looking forward to the changes it will bring, you might also be anxious about gaining weight and taking on the pregnant shape. Either way, you should know when to anticipate this milestone in pregnancy.

When do First-Time Moms Start Showing?

There is no uniform period when pregnancy starts to show on a woman. Every woman’s pregnancy is different, so her pregnancy will start showing at a different time. There are a number of factors that determine when a woman starts showing signs of pregnancy.

The following list is not exhaustive, but contains a few factors that lead to a woman showing signs of pregnancy;

·        Previous pregnancies

Someone who has previously been pregnant will likely show faster during the second pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies than someone who is pregnant for the first time.

Due to the stretching of their abdominal muscles, women who have previously given birth may show earlier. The more children you have, the earlier you may begin showing.

·        Your Frame

 A short woman may show a little sooner than a tall woman

·        The depth of the pelvis

When a woman has a pelvis that is deep, she may show pregnancy later.

·        The size of your body

A thinner woman is more likely to show signs of pregnancy sooner than a heavier woman.

·        The size of your baby

Depending on the size of your baby, you may not show as much as a woman carrying a large child. Additionally, your amniotic fluid can make a difference in how your pregnancy shows.

·        Carrying more than one baby

Usually, you will show up a lot sooner than if you were carrying just one child.

If you are concerned about the size of your baby bump, talk to your provider so you can schedule an ultrasound.

What is a Change that Happens in the First Trimester?

You might be vigilant about looking for a change early on in your pregnancy, you might even feel that you look more pregnant at the end of the day after you’ve had dinner and your abdominal muscles are relaxed. If you experience bloating or constipation that you did not have before you become pregnant, this may contribute to the changing size and shape of your belly generally above your pelvis, enough to cause a bump.

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Why do I Look so Big at 12 Weeks Pregnant?

Women who have had children before and have a stretcher uterus and abdominal wall will start showing a little bit earlier. The uterus of a woman who has never given birth has not stretched out, so she may show a little later.

Can you Start Showing at 8 Weeks?

During the first trimester, you may feel more bloated and swollen than usual, and you may experience constipation and excessive gas. In addition to feeling like you’re showing a little bit, nobody can tell that you’re pregnant since your baby isn’t big enough to actually cause a baby bump and your uterus isn’t even above the pubic bone.

This change is most commonly known to appear from weeks 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. If it is not your first pregnancy you will likely start showing sooner than you did during your first pregnancy, though it’s true that some people do not appear noticeably pregnant until they are well into the third trimester.

When do you Show First pregnancy?

A mother usually begins to show between 20 and 24 weeks because the uterus is growing and expanding. Please note that if you start to show way before the 20 – 24 week mark, that is totally normal and nothing to worry about. If you are concerned about your baby or your belly, speak with your doctor right away and they will determine whether further investigation is necessary.

Pregnant Bellies Are Not All the Same

When do you start showing pregnancy
When do you start showing pregnancy

It can be difficult not to compare pregnant bellies but it’s best to avoid comparing your pregnancy to someone else’s. When people start showing during pregnancy occurs at different intervals.

Weight gain while pregnant can also alter your body shape, you will want to take your pre-pregnancy weight status; slim, average, or overweight into account when trying to predict when you will start to show.

How Many Weeks Pregnant does Your Uterus Start Stretching?

During your 12th week of pregnancy, your uterus begins stretching to accommodate your growing baby. Remember that it may take some time for you to show your pregnancy, especially if it is your first pregnancy. You may not show until you are 20 weeks pregnant.

Does Fundal Height Indicate Baby Size?

You will notice that your doctor will be measuring the size of your belly from the top of your uterus during your 20 weeks appointment. This measurement is called the fundal height and it should match your gestational age in centimeters. For example, if you are 20 weeks pregnant, you should measure in the range of 19cm to 21cm.

Worrying About Your Fundal Height?

If there is a significant discrepancy in your measurements, such as your belly is abnormally small or large for your gestational age, your doctor will order an ultrasound to determine if the issue is the size of the baby, the amount of fluid surrounding the baby, or just the way you are carrying the baby. It is your doctor’s responsibility to alert you of any issues that need to be addressed.

A Tilted Uterus May Cause You To Show Later

In some cases, you may have a retroverted uterus, which is also called a tipped uterus. Having a retroverted uterus may delay when your pregnancy starts to show. It occurs when your uterus is tilted more toward the back than the front. You should note, however, that this will not affect your baby’s growth and that about 15% of women have a retroverted uterus.

Need for an Early Ultrasound

Women are sometimes surprised when they do an ultrasound because they are showing before the norm for their gestational age.

Each pregnant person will start to show pregnancy at a different time. Some women will notice changes in their abdomen as early as the end of the first trimester, while for others the changing shape of their belly won’t be noticeable until later.

Please note that your doctor may order an ultrasound to rule out any concerns and to make sure that you are having a good and healthy pregnancy.

When to Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

The first trimester is unlikely to necessitate the purchase of maternity clothing; nevertheless, depending on what you currently have in your closet, you may choose to wear garments that are comfortable and will accommodate your developing form.

When you reach the second trimester of your pregnancy, the changes may be significant enough for you to decide to start looking for maternity clothes that suit your body better.

Final Thought

If you have a very slim build, it might be more obvious than if you were overweight before you become pregnant.  It is common for some women to feel that they might not show at all, many pregnant women feel the need to be out of regular clothes and into maternity clothes or at the very least large looser fitting clothes by the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy.

Remember that everyone shows pregnancy at a different period, and if you have any concerns about your pregnancy at any point, please contact your healthcare professional.

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